Traditional hair care is about trying to change hair culture, make it straighter, make it smoother, make it flatter, “tame” that “wild” hair. We all know that these techniques only work until the next rainfall or gym session! This method? It’s the opposite of that. It’s not about conforming to stereotypes, it’s about embracing who you are and what you were born with.

Curls are not about fashion; eye colours and skin colours don’t come in and out of fashion-these are things we cannot change about ourselves. Well guess what? You cannot change the fact that hair curls. You can try all you like to change it, yes you can blowdry it, get chemical straightening treatments, sizzle it between 2 ridiculously hot metal plates in an effort to get your hair to “behave”, but guess what? The next time you wash it, or it grows out, or gets wet, it’s going to be curly. Tired of fighting yet?

What is a Co-Wash?

The co-washing technique involves washing your hair with conditioner only, that’s right - no shampoo! This techniques works amazing if you need to add extra hydration to your curls. Shampoo can strip out natural oils from your hair, causing it to dry out or overproduce oils. Curls thrive with hydration so this technique is sure to help you in your curly journey! 


What is a Low-Poo?

Some find it a bit daunting switching straight to a conditioner wash, this is where moving to a lo-poo is a great choice. A low-poo is a shampoo without sulphates. Sulphate-free shampoo is key in keep those curls hydrated and at their best. Sulphate works as a stripping agent and can strip those natural oils from your scalp causing an oil imbalance. 


What is a dry curl-by-curl cutting technique?

Unlike standard cutting, a dry curly cut is a technique tailored to cutting curly hair specifically. This works for wavy hair, curly hair and coil/afro hair. It allows the stylist to cut the hair curl by curl according to the way it would naturally fall when worn in it’s curly state.  


How to prepare for your curly cut?

Your hair should be freshly washed the day before, or morning of your appointment. You can style your hair as you normally would with your curly styling products and your hair should be completely dry before you arrive for your appointment. Avoid tying your hair up prior to your appointment. 


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